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Bergþór Kristleifsson



The Old Farmhouse


The old farmhouse at Húsafell was built in 1908. It was the home of the owners of Húsafell until 1964. In 1996 the house was renovated by Kristleifur Þorsteinsson and Sigrún Bergþórsdóttir. Since then they have run a guesthouse there. During the renovation of the house Kristleifur and Sigrún sought to preserve it in as original a state as possible, maintaining a complete respect for the house and its past.

The old farmhouse has three storeys. On the ground floor there is a kitchen, dining room, restroom and a living room. On the second floor there are three double-rooms with restrooms. On the third floor there are two double-rooms and one restroom.

There is a hot tub on the house’s veranda.

In 2007 further renovations were made on the house: a vestibule was built on the ground floor and new furniture was bought.

During the summer the rooms are rented out with breakfast included. During the winter they are rented out without breakfast and people can also stay in sleeping bag accomodation.

Groups seeking time in the outdoors, for example hiking, fishing and such things have been frequent visitors.



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For further imformation please contact Steinunn and Sæmundur: Tel. 8951342 or via e-mail at sveitasetrid@simnet.is