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Hiking routes

HÚSAFELL IS A HIKER’S DREAM. Fascinating walking routes are everywhere, with something new at every turn. Dense woods, lava formations, crystal-clear mountain springs, magnificent ravines, glaciers, rushing glacial rivers and an extraordinary animal and bird life. Remarkable ancient relics and other signs of human habitation serve to illustrate the past and the relationship between man and nature. Also ubiquitous are Páll Guðmundsson’s curious sculptures, which highlight the uniqueness of the land without imposing on it. Walking routes, such as paths through the woods, may be found for the entire family, while hikers who require more of a challenge might want to hike onto glaciers such as Eiríksjökull or Ok. Visitors who prefer cycling or horse riding will also be able to find challenging routes to suit their wishes.

Seen over the river Norðlingafljót,  the mountain Tunga and the glacier Ok


Many good hiking routes are in Húsafell and the surrounding area. We encourage our visitors to use them. There are short routes and long routes, easy ones and more difficult ones but we are sure each and everyone will find a route which suits their needs.

Here you can find a map with the hiking routes in Húsafell.


Seen over the river Hvíta, and the clear vater springs, the mountain Tunga and the glacier Eiríksjökull.